Saturday, January 22, 2011


After many months of hard work, sweat, tears and maybe even a little blood we are done with and have sold the house. We have learned many lessons from this experience. I figured that I would make a list of what we learned and share them with you. If you are ever considering getting into flipping houses or even just remodeling please take these pointers into consideration.

1) Make a budget... then double or triple it.
2) Make a timeline... then double or triple it.
3) Be financialy secure. Anything can come up: like losing your job, slow market or anything that you can imagine.
4) You will be stressed
5) It starts out fun in the beginning. Then you go over your budget and the fun is over.
6) If you break even after selling then count your blessings.

A very sweet young woman bought the house. We closed on it yesterday and very excited for her to have such a wonderful home. She has started moving in her things and the house has never looked so good. She has already made it a home.